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WYCC Fire Suppression System Design

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Chicago, Illinois
City Colleges of Chicago
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WYCC Fire Suppression System Design

SPAAN Tech provided professional design engineering services for the upgrade and retrofit of a waterless fire suppression system at Kennedy-King College. The firm’s engineers designed for the upgrading and retrofitting the existing sprinkler system with a pre-action system to protect sensitive equipment in the WYCC control rooms and data center.

SPAAN Tech’s engineers prepared design documents for a clean agent fire suppression system with a dry valve pre-action system as back-up for WYCC TV station and WKKC radio stations which occupy the first and second floor of the eastern part of Building U. The systems are designed in accordance with NFPA and City of Chicago Codes.

Additional services included review of existing drawings, field verifications, identification and potential usage of currently installed suppression agent, specifications of systems, and required components, revised ACAD drawings and permit support. The firm also prepared construction documents, bid documents and construction administration.