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strengthening communities

Founded in 1998, SPAAN Tech, Inc. is a leading global, award-winning, engineering and construction management firm. SPAAN Tech provides and implements sustainable solutions in transportation, aviation, water, energy, and technology.

Our strength is our ability to address infrastructure challenges to help our clients demystify some of their most complex problems. We are proud to say that our work has had an impact on most roadways, waterways, runways, cities, states, interstates, and counties.

Our power is through our extraordinary teams and how they transform infrastructure problems into solutions by integrating engineering, technology, and business.

We are recognized for our ability to align all internal and external stakeholders, connect all timelines, and ensure deadlines are secured.

SPAAN Tech has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as One Of The Fastest Growing Companies and by the Small Business Commerce Association as Best of Business in Chicago Engineering Services.

SPAAN Tech maintains GAAP and job cost accounting standards to adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulations and DCAA Audit standards. The company is a participant under the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Program for Professional Engineering Services (PES).

The hallmark of great societies has always been their infrastructure.

about Smita Shah, CEO ➞


We have a passion for strengthening the communities in which we live and work. Through community engagement, donations, volunteering, and sponsorships, we aim to build better, stronger communities.

our mission

Our mission is to strengthen communities by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to infrastructure through planning, design, construction and program management services, while offering professionals a superior environment to demonstrate their skills, leadership, and creativity.

our people

Our experienced, highly accredited staff includes: professional engineers, architects, accountants, software technicians, lawyers, LEED APs, RPAs, and real estate brokers. This breadth of knowledge ensures that our solutions will be effective, efficient and valuable to our clients' projects.

Our Culture
There is nothing typical about a day at SPAAN Tech. Being part of the SPAAN Tech community means being part of a high energy, dynamic, fast-paced environment. Resilience,perseverance, intellectual capital, and technology define our community.

Our lives are fueled by learning, building, solving, planning and designing. From the simplest project to the most complex, we pushforward… we push through. We fundamentally rethink and evaluate how things are done, by turning challenges upside down and inside out, removing barriers and examining things from all angles. Only then, do we transform problems into solutions.