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Task Orders Received Under the Contract:

12-D-7051 TO0001 (July 17,2012)

Task Orders Received Under the Contract:


List of all team members proposed and their capability/area of expertise:

SPAAN Tech, Inc.
Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, IT Services, Construction Management, Program Management, Facility Services, Project Management, QA/QC Services, LEED Consulting / Energy Efficiency

A list of the last three years services experience for all team members listed at the SeaPort-e Contractor Information Registration site, listed by functional area and specific program, as appropriate:

SPAAN Tech is able to furnish optimal solutions to our clients by drawing on our highly accredited and experienced staff of: professional engineers, IT technicians, construction managers, LEED APs, facility managers, assessors/inspectors, architects, project managers, and attorneys.  Our employees’ depth and breadth of knowledge assure that our solutions are effective, efficient, and provide maximum value to our clients’ projects.

Functional AreaSPAANTech, Inc.3.1 R&D Support 3.2 Engineering SupportX3.3 Modeling 3.4 Prototyping 3.5 System Des Doc/Tech DataX3.6 SoftwareX3.7 RM&A 3.8 HF Engineering Support 3.9 System SafetyX3.10 CM SupportX3.11 QA SupportX3.12 IS / IA / ITX3.13 Ship Inactivation/Disposal 3.14 Interoperability/T&E/Trials 3.15 Measure Facilities/Ranges 3.16 Acquisition Logistics 3.17 Supply & Provisioning 3.18 Training 3.19 In-Service Eng. 3.20 Program SupportX3.21 Administrative Support 3.22 Public AffairsX

Point of Contact to provide information on customer satisfaction with the services performed:

Michi Pena, Esq.:  (312) 277-8814 or via e-mail at

Description of the Contractor's Quality Assurance Program:

We understand that each project and each client is unique. As a result, STI strives to understand a client’s goals and project objectives in order to begin a meaningful and effective dialogue with that client. We have found that engaging a client early-on in the project process not only increases the overall success of the job, but also helps to foster an environment of collaboration. STI believes that timely and open communication is the foundation for outstanding long-lasting client-contractor relationships. STI believes that timely and open communication is the foundation for outstanding long-lasting client-contractor relationships.

The Quality Assurance process in effect for all engineering and architectural assignments at SPAAN Tech, Inc. (STI) begins with a review of the Scope of Services by the QualityManager (QM), to determine the activities, processes and deliverables that will be subject to an internal audit or review. The QM meets with upper management and the Project Manager to review the Organization Chart depicting the lines of communication, internal and external, from STI to its Sub-consultants and to the Client. The QM’s position is noted with a direct link to both Management and the technical reviewers on the project.

Under a Blanket Purchase Agreement, which generates tasks on an as-needed basis, the QM prepares a task-specific Quality Control Plan (QCP) upon receipt of a Task Order, utilizing the existing STI base document and supplementing it with any necessary checklists, and coordinating the reviews with the project schedule to ensure that all submittals are available for review before the delivery date. The QCP defines the policies, plans, procedures, and organization necessary to exercise control over workmanship and operations to assure quality in all data collection, assessments and deliverables prepared by STI. The QCP is communicated, implemented, and maintained at all levels of the organization, and applies to Sub-consultants on the project. The primary aspect of a successful QCP is the use of objective reviewers that are not actively involved in the preparation of the project documents. This allows for the discovery of anomalies that need to be addressed to avoid construction change orders.

The QCP addresses the role of Management, assigns overview responsibility and accountability for each design discipline that will be involved in the project. The QCP delegates authority and specifies milestones for internal audits as well as for an annual review of the effectiveness of the QCP itself. The QCP links the budget for an assignment with the budget for reviews and allows both time and fee to implement a thorough, objective review. During the course of a project, if it is determined that the QCP needs to be revised, it is revised to fit the needs of the project.

The QCP establishes a documented system for Quality Assurance. It supports the client preferences and the format of the deliverables. It specifies a system for Document Control including the management and retrieval of Documents and Document revisions. All checklists resulting from any previous submittals are used to ensure that all review comments have been addressed.

The QCP provides a system for implementation of corrective action, and ensures that the assigned staff is familiar with all applicable client resources, ranging from design criteria, Standards and Special Provisions, to CADD requirements such as lettering, line weights and the use of assigned levels for representation of exhibits to be included in a Report.

For each Task Order in a Blanket Agreement, the deliverable, a Project Report, will be reviewed to ensure that all associated project analysis and documentation (charts, field notes, drawings, photos, etc.) are included and that the Executive Summary, description of activity performed, the result findings, conclusions and recommendations reflect all data collected. This will include tasks such as: facility equipment inventory audits; real property facility engineering inspections; engineering reviews of facility construction project scopes and designs; mechanical maintenance contract scope development or review; real property facility systems trouble-shooting and commissioning; assessment of training in mechanical maintenance, facility operations topics; assessment of non-destructive testing of facility equipment systems; building and equipment systems inspections and evaluations.

A draft Task Report will be prepared for internal review using the QCP. Each Task Report shall be then be submitted for review by the SeaPort-e client agency/organization contracting STI’s services, in draft format (within 14 days of completing the task). STI shall make corrections suggested by the client agency/organization in the draft and issue a Final Task Report within 14 days. In the event that the client agency/organization provides any additional review comments, the QM will typically discuss these with the client representative to ensure that the correct action is taken, thereby keeping control of the project budget and ensuring that the necessary revisions or corrections are performed to the satisfaction of the client, as well as ensuring that a “lessons learned” approach is taken and implemented on both the current and future assignments. If necessary, the QCP would be revised to ensure that it encompasses all necessary actions in the review process.

Point of Contact for information related to the SeaPort program:

Michi Pena, Esq.:  (312) 277-8814 or via e-mail at
Amanda Ault, Esq.: (312) 277-8862 or via e-mail at