PortfolioO'Hare Airport RTR-U & SPA Facility Design

O'Hare Airport RTR-U & SPA Facility Design

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Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Department of Aviation
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O'Hare Airport RTR-U & SPA Facility Design

SPAAN Tech performed electrical and mechanical design for the equipment installation of two FAA buildings, the SPA and Hazmat buildings. The SPA building is a combination storage and maintenance facility. The Hazmat building is a storage facility for hazardous and corrosive materials.

Firm engineers prepared plans, specifications and estimates associated with installation of Remote Transmitter and Receiver U (RTR-U), Special Purpose Area (SPA) Facility and Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) storage building.

SPAAN Tech provided lead Site Design for utilities at RTR-ORD, RTR-U, and SPA facilities sites; lead Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing for SPA facility; Quantity Calculations / Opinion of Probable Cost review for relevant items of work. This included: power, lighting, HVAC and lightning protection.