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U.S. GSA Facility Management Services

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Chicago, Illinois
U.S. General Services Administration
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U.S. GSA Facility Management Services

SPAAN Tech provided assistance to Region 5 of the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) for the initiation, execution and closeout of various construction, repair and alteration projects.

SPAAN Tech was responsible for providing various project management services, coordinating and managing these services, and following through with the completion of deliverables. The services included: verifying scopes of work; preparing office layouts; planning and scheduling of work sequence, preparing quantity take-off from drawings cost estimates, coordinating the work of trades and tenants, developing specifications, creating bidder’s mailing lists, conducitng pre-proposal and post-construction conferences, preparing procurement documents, reviewing offers for price competitiveness and technical requirements, reviewing submittals for approval, and undertaking final and post final inspections.

In addition, SPAAN Tech staffers made recommendations for close-out of project, updated and added new information to drawings, and  used DOE Life Cycle Costing software to research energy conservation savings for various projects.