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Chicago Housing Authority Residential Assessment & Design

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Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Housing Authority
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Chicago Housing Authority Residential Assessment & Design

SPAAN Tech, Inc. conducted multidisciplinary assessments of several Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) residential buildings consisting of several hundred dwelling units. The team conducted a Physical Condition Assessments (PCA) of the primary building systems, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, façade and roofing with a focus on deteriorating conditions, remaining effective useful life and considering long-term sustainability and energy efficiency by providing recommendations for the repair and/or replacement of those systems.  This work was conducted by in-house architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineer, and civil engineer. The project required extensive coordination with building management and residents for access.

SPAAN Tech compiled the results and reports of these intensive efforts into comprehensive and cohesive facility condition reports. SPAAN Tech design professionals made recommendations to the CHA on the best solutions to building deficiencies.  The team developed construction cost estimates for each of the proposed improvements. Design and Construction Administration of these features is to follow. Locations included:

·        Pucinska Apartments (838 N. Noble Street)

·        Maudelle Brown Bousfield Apartments (4949 Cottage Grove)

·        Lathrop Homes - Daniel A. Cotter Boys & Girls Club (2915 North Leavitt)